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Influencing the Influencers

Päivitetty: 4. syysk. 2019

Kerttu Jäe, whose work focuses on emotions and understanding of one's personal experience, will be present at Youtube Cretors Meet&Greet event, which is part of the MRKTNG Day. A two-day event that hosts 600 global and national marketing professionals.

After doing mentoring & coaching for influencers, Kerttu started to understand how big part of understanding your own emotions and how to work with them plays in the work of influencer. Her work with influencers focuses on personal branding and finding a strategy that communicates the values and personality of the influencers. Kerttu believes that with the power of influence comes the responsibility to make positive change as a collaborative effort for the society and environment.

In her speech, she will take us through some main points of influencing the influencer. For example, how to find your voice as an influencer using emotional intelligence and your values as a tool.

If you wish to attend the event on Tuesday, September 10th, from 17:00-19:00 at Cable Factory (Merikaapelihalli, Kaapelitehdas), email:


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